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Fully customized website is the ultimate boost your company or organization should invest in! With a world revolving around the internet, why not own your very own little piece of online haven! With 6 main tabs and unlimited sub-tabs your possibilities become...well..limitless! Let's get started.


  • 3-6 Page Design
  • Page Graphics / Banners / Slideshows / Animations
  • Contact / Subscription Form Development
  • Basic SEO Set-Up
  • Mobile Optimized Website
  • E-Commerce Product Installation or Booking Service Implementation


Before starting, you MUST HAVE a domain and either Wix or Shopify account and plan ready.

What you need to provide:


  • Wix or Shopify account login credentials.
  • Instagram account login credentials (to link widget to website)
  • High quality, professional photos. (Stock photos can be used for an additional fee)
  • Names for page tabs (About, FAQ, Tips, etc)
  • Typed out content for each page, emailed in a Word document.
  • For E-Commerce websites, please provide product names, imaging, product descriptions, and pricing.
  • Shipping fees, shipping policies, and order policies.

E-Commerce Website Design

  • Estimated turn around time is 5-6 business weeks ONLY IF all information has been provided for the project. BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL NOT BE CONTACTED DURING THE CREATION OF YOUR PROJECT UNLESS FURTHER INFORMATION IS NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE PROJECT. Delay in us getting all information can result in a delay of the package getting completed. 

    NEED IT QUICKER? GET IN 7 BUSINESS DAYS FOR AN ADDITIONAL $150! Click the rush option when placing your order.  WEEKENDS ARE NOT INCLUDED

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